The Virtues of Tubular Skylights

There is no man made source of light that can make you feel  better about the room you are in or make colors come alive.

“Light is as effective as antidepressant medications are, perhaps more so.” (who can’t use some of that in this economy?)
What good are $8,000 granite countertops if you can’t see the beauty?  Pure spectrum lights makes them come alive.

The transfer of natural sunlight by using a clear dome over a reflective shaft which ends at your ceiling with a sealed diffuser.

Why Tubular Skylights?

  • Tubular Skylights efficiently provide pure natural light while effectively minimizing heat gain and heat loss since it is a sealed system.
  • Tubular Skylights will change the way you feel about your home.  Dark rooms will be bright, plants will thrive and your home will have a new feeling. It has been proven that children learn faster in natural light.  Why use anything else?

Energy Efficient Solar Lighting

  • High impact polycarbonate dome blocks harmful UV Rays
  • Virtually unbreakable dome (withstands hail & hurricanes)
  • Flashings may be painted any color
  • Strong aluminum flashing won’t rust or leak (no plastic flashings)
  • Installed in approximately 2 hours
  • No structural modifications needed
  • Adjustable aluminum tubes (2 in each 10″ & 13″ kit) to bypass obstacles
  • Fits between rafters and joists
  • Brightens any area evenly
  • No fading of furniture, or carpets
  • Proven energy savings with minimal heat gain or loss.
  • Natural light helps plants flourish
  • Reduce A/C heat load and wear on A/C.
    American Dream Tubuular Skylights

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