Electrical Outlet and switch sealers Stop Air Infilteration

Electrical Outlets and switches located on exterior walls are frequently found to be major sources for cold air drafts. Left unchecked you can waste a lot of money on winter home heating energy bills. By installing electrical outlet and switch sealers you can prevent this from happening.

Electrical outlet and switch sealers are thin foam pads that have cutouts for the outlet and switch receptacles. They are very inexpensive and extremely easy to install.

And most importantly, they will stop the cold air drafts and save you a bundle on home heating energy bills. You can find electrical outlet and switch sealers at any home improvement store.

To see if you have cold air infiltration around your electrical outlets and switches just place your hand over them and feel for any cold air drafts. Ideally you should do this on a cold blustery day, as this will enable you to more easily detect the drafts.

The reason for the cold air drafts in and around the electrical outlets and switches is due to the improper installation of insulation around them during the construction of the home. Fortunately you do not have to live with the cold air drafts.

Installation of Electrical Outlet and Switch Sealers

To install electrical outlet and switch sealers begin by turning power off to the outlet or switch at the main circuit panel.

Next, use a digital multimeter or circuit tester to make sure power is indeed turned off at the outlet of fixture itself.

Now remove the cover plate using a screwdriver.

Next, install the foam sealer over the electrical outlet or switch. Remember to first remove the appropriate cut-out on the sealer for the type of electrical box (outlet or switch) that you are sealing.

Finally, install the electrical cover plate over the sealer and turn power back on to the electrical outlet or switch at the main circuit panel.

It’s that simple. The cold air drafts around your electrical outlets and switches are now a thing of the past and your home heating energy bills will be a little smaller next month.

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