What did builder of Coral Castle Ed Leedskalnin Know

Edward Leedskalnin disputed contemporary science and believed all matter consisted of magnets which could produce measurable phenomena, and electricity. Ed would say he had rediscovered the laws of weight, measurement, and leverage” and that these concepts involved the relationship of the Earth to celestial alignments. He claimed to see beads of light which he believed to be the physical presence of nature’s magnetism and life force, or what we term today, ‘Chi’. Many people report that he used harmonics combined with grid energies and celestial alignments to do his work.

Harmonics are often thought to lift objects. Tibetan Monks combine their harmonics to elevate heavy objects.

‘Tibetan Sound Levitation Of Large Stones Witnessed By Scientist’. In his work Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes, found in the book Anti-Gravity and The World Grid David Hatcher Childress, postulates that the area of South Florida at Coral Castle (considered part of the Bermuda Triangle) is a powerful diamagnetic levitator. Leedskalnin demonstrated magnetism (EM energies), and the mechanism of levitation, by applying the natural Earth Grid principles of diamagnetism. Leedskalnin could levitate huge pieces of coral by using the center of mass for the needed slight, uplift, launching pressure.

Ed Leedskalnin showed every indication of being a natural geomancer – one who senses the unique telluric forces of the Earth. He was highly intuitive, and knew how to observe nature for signs of anomaly. This ultimately led him to the discovery of vortex energy, and the ability to harness the natural elements of magnetism.

He understood the critical nature of identifying the most energetic location to erect his massive Castle, and seemed to have known the secrets of anti-gravity, and its relation to cosmic events. Ed proceeded to develop a means of leverage power generated from the geomagnetic grid, and produced a system to generate anti-gravity waves.

Edward’s notebooks are laden with schematics for magnetism, and electrical experiments. Although he possessed only a fourth-grade education, it seems he had discovered a means to reduce the gravitational pull of the earth. He wrote a series of pamphlets which included his theories on magnetism and cosmic force.

Researchers have speculated that Ed learned the secret of levitation, and one theory in particular caught the imagination of many. The planetary grid hypothesis postulates that the earth is covered by an invisible web of energy, which is concentrated at points of telluric power, the convergence of which create unusual phenomena.

These telluric grid dynamics played a vital role in the construction of the Castle, according to author Ray Stoner. In his book The Enigma of Coral Castle, Stoner speculates that the complex was originally moved from Florida City to Homestead, not because of privacy issues (as most historians suggest), but because Ed realized he had made a mathematical error in his original positioning, and moved the entire structure to take advantage of an area with greater telluric force.

In December of 1951 Ed Leedskalnin at age 64 became ill. He put a sign on the door saying ‘Going to the Hospital’. He took a bus to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Three days later he died in his sleep of malnutrition and kidney failure, taking his secrets with him. After his death, $3,500 was found in the tower; his life savings, mostly from land sales.

With  direct access to the creative force of the universe itself, Ed understood the secrets of the ancient architects. The secret of secrets. “It’s not difficult, really, the secret is in knowing how” -Ed Leedskalnin

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