The Secrets of Energy

Very little is known about the weakest of the four forces – Gravity, which supposedly bonds our Universe together. The three forces which far outweigh gravity are electromagnetism, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force.

Here is a paper, written in 1911 by Charles Brush entitled ‘The Kinetic Theory of Gravitation‘. This paper goes some way towards proving the existence of an unlimited sea of energy that we float in and explains how we can tap into this ‘sea of free energy‘.

The paper discusses how gravity is actually a ‘push’ force, and not a pull force. It is merely a matter of understanding how to ‘frequency shift’ this unlimited energy to collect it and to harness this abundance of ‘free energy‘ which surrounds us all.

The significance of Brushes paper is in the fact that it clearly states that through standard Newtonian physics, the gravitational force between the sun and the earth is so strong that to hold the earth in rotational balance around the sun the force required would be so great as to require a steel cable the diameter of the earth!

If gravity is a pull and that much force is required how can the earth not ‘rip itself apart in the direction of gravitational force?’  The answer is simple IT CANNOT!

It is truly amazing to think of all the wonderful things we have discovered that are being suppressed.  It is sad that oil is propped up on this pedestal when it could be phased out completely in 5 years and replaced with ‘free energy‘ devices which tap into this ’sea of energy’ otherwise known as Zero Point Energy.

Another event which happened around the same time as when this paper was published was the Wardenclyffe tower – Tesla’s free electricity device which J.P. Morgan destroyed for the simple reason that he could see no commercial value by offering people free wireless electricity, so he burned it down.

The sad truth is that the oil and banking oligarchs want to control who has energy and who doesn’t, and they want their artificial construct, money, to be the singular source for anyone to have anything. Have we really been dumbed down as a society to think that by having more money than your fellow citizen makes you a better person!, who deserves more, has more, and can be more? Perhaps this truly is the beginning of a barcode society.

If this is so, then the plight of humanity is surely inevitable. Words such as altruism, love, and compassion will mean nothing if they can’t be paid for, or bartered with.

To change the world for the better, we must first educate ourselves. We must find and seek the real truth, and the hidden agendas of the New World Order for ourselves.Only then can we embrace a world where energy is no longer an issue, and free energy will seem as commonplace as free drinking water.

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And then we have other free and viable energy sources which include solar energy, earth core heat, tidal power, gravity, electromagnetism, methane gas, hydrogen extraction and a whole host of other inventions which can reduce fossil fuel usage to the bare minimum.

Unfortunately such devices and technologies are swept under the energy carpets as we continue to let the few dictate to the many how we should live our lives.

What are your thoughts?

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