Is there such a thing as Carbon-Free-Energy?

So what is carbon-free energy. Let’s begin by explaining some common applications; wind turbines, wave energy, reservoirs, hydrogen fuel, solar farms, carbon-neutral energy carriers such as ethanol or bio-diesel, and even nuclear power. These are just some examples of carbon-free renewable energy. The purpose of all these methods is to combat the increase in greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our impact on the environment as a whole.

Coal plants are another candidate for the accolade of ‘carbon-free renewable energy’. However coal plants that sequester their carbon end up having the biggest carbon footprint, mostly because not all the carbon-dioxide gets captured before it enters the atmosphere. Nuclear power turns out to be the second-most carbon intensive.

There is a multitude of umbrella terms and pubic relations terms being used to promote the wonderful world of ‘carbon-free renewable energy’. One such umbrella term is ‘clean coal‘. Now if ever there was a funny oxymoron term, then ‘clean coal’ has to take the prize.

-Other ridiculous oxymoron’s include; United Nations, virtual reality, clearly misunderstood, found missing, Microsoft works, and political promise to name but a few.-

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