Free Energy up for Grabs

For many people, FREE ENERGY is a “buzz word” that has no clear meaning. As such, it relates to a host of inventions that do something that is not understood, and is therefore a mystery. For others, it means “perpetual motion” and is therefore dismissed, without due consideration.

In the simplest sense, FREE ENERGY is any energy that is provided by the Natural World. This may include energy sources that you are familiar with, such as solar panels or wind generators, but also could include amazing technologies like a car powered by water-fuel, a battery charger powered by Gravity, or a home heating system powered by the Earth. The best FREE ENERGY systems deliver energy at no on-going cost to the user, without detrimental effects to the environment, and at extremely low costs for the maintenance and operation of the equipment.

On this website, I will NOT be presenting any perpetual motion machines, futuristic ZPE technologies, or impossible inventions that break the Laws of Physics. What I will be talking about are technologies that tap into Natural Sources of energy in the environment and convert them into useful forms of energy for heat, light, and motive power.

A good example of this is a way to heat your home from the Earth. In moderate climates, the Earth below the frost line is a reservoir of constant temperature. This temperature is about 55º F (13º C). In the winter, this reservoir of heat can be accessed and concentrated by a geothermal heat pump system, and used to heat your house for about 1/3rd the cost of running an electric furnace. In addition to this, if the house is insulated to a rating of R-60, the cost of heating the house can be further reduced by another 60%. With just these two simple technologies, both available today, the cost of heating your home in the winter can be reduced by 87%. That is just 13% of the cost of heating the same house with an electric furnace where the house is insulated to a rating of R-19. In the summer, the air-conditioning costs are similarly low, using the same heat pump in reverse.

87% energy benefit, year after year, at no more cost to you. That is the FREE ENERGY you can have right now! Your lifestyle is the same, but your energy costs are much lower. By conserving heat with the better insulation, and by using Natural Energy first, including the heat already present in the Earth, it is possible to dramatically lower your energy demands for home heating and your “carbon footprint”. This is just one example.

So, FREE ENERGY is also any energy we can use at NO COST. If we learn to “Conserve, and use Natural Energy First”, then, the small amount of energy that is still required for our needs is more easily produced by renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro, and bio-fuels. Even if we are still using carbon based fuels to supply the remainder, our energy costs have dropped considerably and our carbon footprint is greatly reduced.

This world needs a more just distribution of energy to the developing countries, and the ability to provide cleaner energy at a lower cost. In addition to this, we all must learn to be better stewards of the environment. That means pollute less and recycle more. Al Gore says that lowering our carbon fuel use is a moral imperative. I totally agree with this statement.

The more you know about the different energy systems available, the more opportunities you can create in your life to use them. We invite you to explore these exciting opportunities with us. Welcome to the World of FREE ENERGY

Peter Lindemann, DSc

Check out his site here

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