Why Install Wall Plate outlet and switch Sealers?

Why Install Wall Plate outlet and switch Sealers?

Electrical outlet receptacles and switch boxes penetrate into the wall cavity, which makes them potential sources of air leakage and thermal loss, allowing for a heating and cooling loss by as much as 20%. Don’t get messy with caulks and sticky spray foams. Made of U.L. listed foam, they are pre–stamped to fit precisely. Installed easily behind the faceplate, outlet gaskets/sealers are completely invisible. When installed, outlet sealers work to reduce drafts while helping to keep heat in your home during the winter, and the cooling in your home during the summer by providing and insulated seal. Because of our awesome prices, you can now buy in bulk and save tons compared to retail packs found in hardware stores. Our electrical outlet sealers/gaskets are top quality in the industry and will provide a tight seal while insulating at the same time. Add even more protection by installing child safety outlet plugs. Since electrical receptacles are also a leak point, you can add a greater level of performance to the safety outlet plugs by using the scrap outlet punch-outs.

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