Wind turbines and electrical towers


Eco Factor: Integrating wind turbines in electrical transmission towers in France could rival the energy production of two nuclear reactors.

The installation of wind turbines has always been criticized, as they disfigure the landscape. With the demand for renewable energy increasing with each passing day, researchers have to install wind turbines and solar generators at different places without taking the criticizing factors into consideration. “Wind It” is one such design that won’t be criticized, as it doesn’t require a new setup and will cater to renewable energy demands as well.

Designed by a French team of designers, the Wind It concept has won Metropolis Magazine’s “2009 Next Generation Prize.” The designers propose installing wind turbines onto broken electrical transmission towers and towers that are currently being used to carry electric cables. The turbines are designed in three sizes which provide different amounts of energy that can either be used to light up a single room or power 20 homes. The designers state that if a third of France’s electrical towers are outfitted with these turbines, they could produce the same output as two nuclear reactors.


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