Use the bath towel a few more times!

You hang your just-used towels on a drying rack in your bathroom. Towels can be used many times before they need to be laundered. After all, I’m clean after showering so theoretically the towel is not really dirty. Each time the towel is used the savings are really amazing , Using simple math we can save on the washing cost! here’s all that’s involved,electricity for washer,laundry detergent,water cost ( if on municipal ) By using each towel twice I am eliminating about one load of dirty-towel laundry a week.
Price per load (electricity), based on water temperature

Wash/Rinse Setting

Electrical Use

Cost per load

Cost per year

Hot / Warm

4.5 kWh



Warm / Warm

3.5 kWh



Hot / Cold

2.8 kWh



Warm / Cold

1.9 kWh



Cold / Cold

0.3 kWh

Table is electrical cost only (excludes the cost of water, often 22¢/load). Top-loading washer.
Electricity @ 15¢/kWh, water heated electrically.

By using a towel several times you can save money,save energy, and help with cleaner air and cleaner water Laundry is one of the easiest areas to reduce energy costs in. Here’s where the waste is:

* Water heating. A whopping 90% of the energy used by washing clothes often goes just to heat the water! So you can save a bundle just by changing the temperature setting. (~$150/year) I wash in cold almost exclusively.
* Top-loading washers. Top-loading washers use ridiculous amounts of water and energy. That’s why other countries use front-loading washers instead, and I recommend them enthusiastically. I cover front-loaders in more detail below.
* Drying water-laden clothes. Most washing machines leave far too much water in the clothes, making the dryer run much longer. Front-loaders get more of the water out of your clothes. You can also use a Spin Dryer to extract water from your clothes before drying.
* Unnecessary drying. Dryers are unnecessary in the first place, since you can just hang your clothes up to dry. There’s 100% energy savings to be realized here. (See more on dryers & dryer costs.)

Water is about 5.50 per thousand gallons, so if a washer used 40 gallons per load thats about 20 cents for the water!
So if you save a load of towels per week about 80 cents thats 40.00 per year.
Now lets factor the soap at about 40 cents a load that’s another 20.00 per year.
60.00 per year plus the fact that we are still needing to look at drying cost about 50 cents to dry a load.theres another 25.00 per year.

So in the final total we see 85.00 per year in savings from using a bath towel a few more times, Give it a try and share this with your family, friends and co workers!

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