Which Cities have the Most and Least Expensive Utility Bills?

Houston residents have some of the most expensive utility bills among large metropolitan cities, according to WhiteFence.com, a website that allows users to compare prices and order utility services.

The Houston-based site compiled averages on utility bills in April for 20 large metro areas based on access to service providers.

It averaged costs for phone, television, high speed internet, electricity and natural gas and came up with a total.

The cities with the highest total average cost of utilities are:

  1. Baltimore, M.D. with a total of $360.00
  2. Houston, Texas – $295.21
  3. Las Vegas, Nev. – $293.22
  4. Orlando, Fla. – $292.21
  5. Portland, Ore. – 289.84

The national average is $275.46.

The least expensive cities are:

  1. San Diego, Calif. – $194.48
  2. San Francisco, Calif. – $208.92
  3. Los Angeles, Calif. – $209.15
  4. Indianapolis, Ind. – $214.45
  5. Denver, Colo. – $226.03

The average phone bill in Houston is $31.36; television bill is $55.16; high speed Internet bill is $36.66; electricity is $130.86; and natural gas is $41.17.

Houston had one of the least expensive television bills, ranking third out of the 20 cities, and one of the highest electricity bills, ranking 18 out of 20. Electricity bills in Houston are about $24 dollars higher than the national average, WhiteFence.com data showed.

The White Fence Index also found that nationally, natural gas usage was down 50 percent month-over-month in April.


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