"The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Foats"


Dr Nikola Tesla said over 60 years ago: “Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point if the universe…… throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic? If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic — and this we know it is, for certain — then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.”

Nikola Tesla was not referring to atomic or nuclear energy, but to the energy which is continually bombarding the earth from outer space.

Enough energy is coming to the earth to light over 1.5 million (1,693,600) 100-watt lamps for every human being on the earth today. No fuel of any kind need be taken as a dead load as this energy can be “picked-up” directly by ocean liners, railroads, airplanes, automobiles, or any form of transportation. Heat, light and power can be made available for use in all kinds of buildings and for all kinds of machinery. An example would be to pump water onto the desert lands, the power source being only a fraction of the weight of any steam plant or any kind of engine in use today and all this at a fraction of the current cost.

A wild dream? No! It’s a proven practical reality, as hundreds of people know who have witnessed the Moray Radiant Energy invention — powered from the cosmos. This is cosmic energy.

The total energy involved in “cosmic” radiations is very large. The mechanism of its generation involves a basic relationship with the total structure and action of the universe. Today it is believed that cosmic radiation consists primarily of protons and some heavier nuclei. At times this cosmic energy packs a wallop of around 100 quadrillion volts. Coming continuously with slight variations in time, the radiations have a uniformly directional isotropy.

The earth is, therefore, surrounded in an atmosphere of radiation with cosmic rays coming continually to the earth from all directions, although there may be a slight deflection of the weaker rays by the earth’s magnetic field. There is every indication that our sun is not the source of any appreciable amount of this radiation. The origin, therefore, is from the universe as a whole. The total energy of cosmic radiation is more than the entire luminous output of all the stars and nebulae of the universe combined. Unlimited power is being delivered to everyone’s doorstep.

The Moray Radiant Energy discovery, using radiations from the cosmos as its power source, gives the greatest amount of energy per pound of equipment of any system known to man. Electrical power through an electric motor or an electric jet far exceeds any form of energy in any engine in the delivery of power. There is no dead center of lost motion in an electric motor nor loss of push in an electric jet. Also, the starting torque is much higher in the electrically powered engine than in the combustion engine.

Harnessing cosmic energy is the most practical method yet discovered by man. Furthermore, it is possible to utilize this vast source of energy from the universe without a prime mover at any point on the earth — on the ground, in the air, on the water, under the water, or even underground. If one considers that an electrical generator is not in the true sense a generator — as electricity is not made by the generator — but is merely an electrical pump, the Moray Radiant Energy device may then be referred to as a cosmic ray pump: that is, a high speed electron oscillator serving as a detector of cosmic radiations which causes a pumping action or surging within its circuitry.

To account for the propagation of heat and light — two of the forms of Radiant Energy — man has postulated the existence of a medium filling all space. But, the transference of the energy of radiant heat and light is not the only evidence in favor of the existence of such a medium. Electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic phenomena and gravitation itself point in the same direction.

Attractions and repulsion take place between electrified bodies, magnets, and circuits conveying electric currents. Large masses may be set in motion in this manner, acquiring kinetic energy. If an electric current is started in any circuit, corresponding induced currents spring up in all very closely neighboring conductors. To originate a current in any conductor requires the expenditure of energy. How, then, is the energy propagated from the circuit to the conductors? If we believe in the continuity of the propagation of energy — that is, is we believe that when it disappears at one place and reappears at another it must have passed through the intervening space and, therefore, have existed there somehow in the meantime — we are forced to postulate a vehicle for its conveyance form place to place.

When a particle is electrified, what one must first observe is that a certain amount of energy has been spent; work has been done. The result is an electrified state of the particle. The process of electrifying a conductor is, therefore, the storing of energy in some way in or around the conductor in some medium. The work is spent in altering the state of the medium, and when the particle is discharged, the medium returns to its original state, and the store of energy is disengaged. Similarly, a supply of energy is required to maintain an electric current, and the phenomenon arising from the current are manifestations of the presence of this energy in the medium around the circuit. It used to be that an electrified particle or body was supposed to have something called “electricity” residing upon it which caused electrical phenomena. An electric current was regarded as a flow of electricity traveling along a wire (for example), and the energy which appeared at any part of a circuit (if considered at all) was supposed to have been conveyed along the wire by the current. But, the existence of induction and electromagnetic interactions between bodies situated at a distance from each other leads one to look upon the medium around the conductors as playing a very important part in the development of these electrical phenomena. In fact, it is the storehouse of the energy.

It is upon this basis that Maxwell founded his theory of electricity and magnetism, and determined the distribution of the energy in the various parts of an electric field in terms of electric and magnetic forces*. The medium around an electrified body is charged with energy and not of an imaginary electric fluid distributed over the electrified body or conductor. When we speak of the charge of an electrified conductor we are referring to the charge of energy in the medium around it, and when we talk of the electric flow or current in the circuit we are referring to the only flow we know of, namely, the flow of energy through the electric field within the wire.

[* Atomic Physics, Physics Staff University of Pittsburgh, 2nd Edition, Ch. VIII, John Wiley & Sons]

The work in producing the electrification of a conductor is spent on the medium and stored there, probably as energy of motion. To denote this we shall say that the medium around the conductor is polarized, this word being employed to denote that its state or some of its properties have been altered in some manner and to a certain extent depending on the intensity of the charge. If the charge is negative the polarization is in the opposite sense, the two being related, perhaps, like right-handed and left-handed twists or rotations.

Now consider the case of a body charged alternately, positively and negatively in rapid succession. The positive charge means a positive polarization of the medium, which begins at the conductor and travels out through space. When the body is discharged the medium is once more set free and resumes its former condition. The negative charge now induces a modification of the medium or polarization in the opposite sense. The result of alternate charges of opposite sign is that the medium at any point becomes polarized alternately in opposite directions, while waves of opposite polarizations are propagated through space, each carrying energy derived from the source or agent supplying the electrification. Here, then, we have a periodic disturbance of some kind occurring at each point, accompanied by waves of energy traveling outwards from the conductor.

The phenomenon of interference leads to the conclusion that light is the result of periodic disturbances or vibrations of the medium, but as to the nature of these vibrations, as to the exact nature of the periodic changes or what it is that changes them, we possess no knowledge. We know that alternating electric charges are accompanied by corresponding changes of state or vibrations of the medium, and if the charge is varied periodically and with sufficient rapidity, we have a vibration at each point analogous to, perhaps identical with, that which occurs in the propagation of light — a combination of wave and particle properties. This then is the electromagnetic theory of the luminous vibration.

In the older elastic-solid theory, the light vibrations were supposed to be actual oscillations of the elements or molecules of the medium about their positions of rest, such as takes place when waves of transverse disturbance are propagated through an elastic solid. Such limitation is unwarranted to some extent, but one cannot afford to entirely disregard the particle theory of light either. A combination of the theories has merit. We know that the change, disturbance, vibration, polarization, or whatever we wish to term it, is periodic and transverse to the direction of propagation. The electromagnetic theory teaches us nothing further as to its nature, but rather asserts that whatever the charge may be, it is the same in kind as that which occurs in the medium when the charge of an electrified body is altered or reversed. It reduces light and heat waves to the same category as waves of electrical polarization. The only quality of the later required to constitute the former is sufficient rapidity of alteration. These speculations were given the strongest confirmation by experiments of Prof. Hertz many years ago.

When a resilient substance is subjected to strain and then set free, one of two things may happen. The substance may slowly recover from the strain and gradually attain its natural state, or the elastic recoil may carry it past its position of equilibrium and cause it to execute a series of oscillations. Something of the same sort may also occur when an electrified capacitor is discharged. In ordinary language, there may be a continuous flow of electricity in one direction until the discharge is completed, or an oscillating discharge may occur. That is, the first flow may be succeeded by a backrush, as if the first discharge had overrun itself and something like recoil had set in. The capacitor thus becomes more or less charged again in the opposite sense, and a second discharge occurs, accompanied by a second backrush, the oscillation going on until all the energy is either completely radiated or used up in heating the conductors or performing other work.

When capacitors are filled with energy captured by the Moray Radiant Energy device and then discharged through a circuit of proper impedance, reactance and inductance, thereby synchronizing the oscillation of the device with those of the universe*, electrical inertia is set up. In the reversal of the current, the capacitors are charged, discharged and recharged slowly until the energy stored in them is radiated in kinetic energy through the device, and this energy can be kept alive indefinitely by establishing resonance with the oscillations of the universe.

[ * Very often Dr Moray interchanged the word universe with matter. ]

Considering oscillations from a mechanical, electrical and mathematical point of view, we find that electrical resistance is the same as mechanical friction and current is comparable to mechanical velocity. Inertia and inductance may then be considered analogous terms. In mechanics the greater the inertia of a body, the longer it will stay in motion. In the Radiant Energy device’s resistance-inductance-capacity (REC or RLC) circuit, the greater the electrical inductance, the longer the current continues to flow once it is established by synchronization with cosmic surges.

Expressed mathematically, the equations are the same for electrical or mechanical phenomena. That is, R< square root 4L / C, where R is the resistance in ohms, L is the inductance in henries, and C is the capacitance in farads. When this is true, an oscillatory discharge will occur and a very powerful inductance inertia will assert itself. For low values of R, the frequency of the oscillations can be shown by f = 1/2 pi square root CL. The rapidity of the oscillations’ frequencies are governed by the capacitance and inductance.

In the vibrational forces of the universe, we find the key to the source of all energy. How we can utilize this energy for modern industry without being limited to mechanical prime movers is the question. And, the answer may in an energy generator, balanced so as to oscillate in synchronization with the oscillations of the universe.

Dr Ross Gunn, a civilian scientist for the US Navy, stated years ago that the earth is a huge generator, generating over 200 million amperes of electric current continuously. For example, the aurora borealis is considered to be a very large definite electrical phenomenon produced by the passage of electric charges through the rarified gases of the higher atmosphere. The earth has since been shown, by Dr Gunn and others, to have a negative charge amounting to 400,00 coulombs. Yet, six feet above the ground the air is charged with more than 200 volts — positive with respect to the ground.

It is known that air conducts electricity away from charged objects. This being true, how does the earth, a charged object and exposed as it is to the surrounding atmosphere, maintain its charge? If the air conducts electricity, the earth’s charge must be constantly passing into the atmosphere. And it has been calculated that the earth has a continuous discharge into the atmosphere of 1800 amperes. At this rate, the earth would lose 90% of its charge into the air in one hour, yet the earth’s charge does not diminish. Where does the earth’s source of energy come from?

The conversion of matter to energy in the stars is accepted, and, reasoning from what occurs in radioactive disintegration during which energy wave are radiated, one may conclude that energy waves of very high frequency are sent out from the stars (one of which is our sun). Now, of course, the conversion of energy into matter must equally be accepted.

It has been found that ionization, which could be the medium for the flow of energy, increases with altitudes instead of decreasing. Since the source of energy is the universe, the generation of energy by rotary action and by all prime movers is an effect and not a cause. Oscillatory energy action, be it in a Leyden jar or another man-made capacitor, or in what we may call natural capacitors, behaves the same. The oscillations will continue until they have reach their cycle of height and then there will be a backrush returning to where the oscillations originated. Every oscillation, whether large or small, is completed during the same interval of time. These oscillations all prove the same great fact, that they are governed by the same cycle of time, completed during the same interval of time. Waves of energy have a regular beat note, coming and going as the waves of the sea, but in a very definite mathematical order — coming to the earth from every direction with a definite rhythm.

Energy has a definite elastic or resilient rigidity and density, which is subject to displacement and strain. When strain is removed, the medium will spring back to its old position and beyond, surging back and forth, and will continue to oscillate until the original pressure is used up. If the internal impedance is too great, there will be no oscillations, but it will merely slide back in a dead beat to its unrestrained state.

By cutting down resistance to a minimum and synchronizing the resilient ionic actions of the Moray device with the wave actions of the universe, periods of oscillation can be made to come quicker and quicker until inertia asserts itself, thus lengthening out the time of final recovery. This is done by carrying the recoil beyond the natural oscillations and prolonging the vibrations by capturing the in oscillatory action. When the recovery becomes distinctly oscillatory, a harmonic pattern is initiated and the oscillations continue, resonance thereby being established with the universe.

In the universe we see the same laws being obeyed as in our laboratories. As one traces down to the almost infinitesimal constituents of the atom, one finds that matter does not exist at all as the realistic substance which we have supposed it to be. There at the very foundation, it consists of nothing more than energy charges emitted at various wavelengths or frequencies. It is becoming more and more certain that the apparent complexity of nature is due to our lack of knowledge. And, as the picture unfolds, it promises a marvelous simplicity.

One of the most marvelous relationships that has ever been revealed in the entire science of physics is that between light and electricity and the existence of electronics in atoms of matter. Knowing what we do at the present time with regard to the structure of atoms, this relationship is not quite so surprising. However, considering the total absence of this knowledge about a half century ago, the discovery that light, and radiation in general, are vibratory phenomena was revolutionary.

Speaking of radiation, Radiant here means proceeding from a center in straight lines in every direction. Energy is internal and inherent. “Energy is defined as a condition of matter in virtue of which any definite portion may affect changes in any other definite portion”. This was written in 1892, and discoveries since confirm it. Energy then is a state of matter, or rather, the result of a particular state or condition in which matter may be when any observed phase of energy appears.

In addition to possessing kinetic energy, the atom is capable of absorbing energy internally. This internal energy is associated with the configuration of the particles of which the atom is composed. Under ordinary conditions an atom is in what is known as a state of equilibrium in which there is neither a giving off nor absorbing of energy. But, the internal energy of the atom can be altered. When the internal energy of the atom exceeds that of its normal state it is said to be excited. Excitations may be caused in several ways, e.g., the collision of an atom with rapidly moving positive or negative particles or the breaking of lines of force in an electromagnetic generator. Kinetic energy is released when excitation causes a particle to give up some or all of its kinetic energy to the atom during collisions. This is taking place in the universe all the time.

The electric motor and generator would never have been discovered if a dielectric (insulation) had not been discovered. If one discovers a dielectric valve for the energy of the universe, one has the answer to harnessing the energy of the universe! A limiting case of excitation is ionization, wherein energy is absorbed by the atom sufficiently to allow a loosely bound electron to leave the atom, against the electrostatic forces which tend to hold it within the atom. An atom which has given up one or more electrons is said to be ionized. It is possible that ionization, i.e., excitation, may take place in successive steps through absorption of quanta energy. The return of an ionized atom to a state of lower energy is associated with electromagnetic radiation. Also, from the process of ionization, electrical energy may become associated with the vibrational forces of the universe coming into the earth as cosmic radiation. The higher the frequency, the greater the ionization or excitation, a form of energy which is kinetic in nature. There are tremendous energies coming to the earth from outer space. These energies are only different manifestations of the energies we see in operation all around us. In most cases we are not even aware of their existence. “They penetrate everything including our own bodies. Every one of us is alive by virtue of these energies. Every part and particle of the universe is alive with them. The generators that now furnish our electric power do not create or originate any power or electricity; they merely direct, pump, the existing energy or electricity.”*

[* Advances of Science, Watson Davis, 1934]

As in musical notes of high and low “C”, the vibrational rates (frequencies) are different, but all “C” notes are essentially the same (harmonically related). This is the foundation upon which much of my investigation of vibratory phenomena is based.

It has been agreed that all forms of matter are vibrating at a particular rate of frequency. And, so it is with the various forms of energy —heat and light, magnetism and electricity. These are but forms of vibratory motion connected with and being generated from the same source, the universe. Matter vibrates at a particular rate, according to its character, and may be transmitted into other substance by lowering or raising its rate of frequency. If the frequency is raised high enough, the molecules will separate and the atoms become free. Raising the frequency still higher, the atoms resolve themselves into their original components. Matter then becomes a form of energy. Frequencies may be developed which will balance the force of gravity to a point of neutralization. One can then go beyond the force of gravitation. Understanding the principles of vibration is truly understanding energy.

In gamma rays, we find potentials which are equivalent to as much as 1,000,000 volts, yet their wave lengths are not the shortest known. In octaves still higher lie rays which are known as cosmic rays. Who can draw a definite line and say how much higher other octaves exist than those known as the cosmic rays? Our starting point from the discovery of these different waves was electrical conductivity of the air, and it has been found that this conductivity is just as strong by night as by day. Radiations emitted by the sun can scarcely be the sole cause of this energy. All space is saturated with vibration, energies, which are no doubt electrical in character. The relation of matter to energy and energy to matter then becomes the potential of the universe — one continuous series of oscillations.

Atoms maintain an equilibrium by oscillations, rotations, attractions and repulsions, but this does not interfere with a transformation of equilibrium, which, when the transformations of equilibrium are rapid enough, become energy, i.e., matter is turning into energy and energy into matter.

There can be no generation of electrical current and no kinetic energy if there is no disturbance of equilibrium, i.e., change of potential or change of energy levels. When one thinks of the oxygen and nitrogen molecules of the air all about us moving with the speed of bullets and striking us and everything else at this speed, one can form some idea of the agitation taking place here and in the universe.

The oscillations from outer space are emitting electromagnetic waves of many wavelengths and frequencies. The Moray device is so constructed that the frequency is very much lower on the secondary side than on the primary side, and almost complete resonance is established. I am convinced that the energies from the universe are active radiations produced by the evolution of matter into energy and energy into matter.*

[* At this point Dr Moray observed the discoveries of the early agents to be paralleling some of his own ideas. Then he went on to quote several past releases of the day (1960)]

Dr Anderson’s cloud chamber at California Institute of Technology in which the positron was discovered has furnished much information about cosmic ray energies. He found that some positrons are born of cosmic rays smashing into matter. The cosmic ray energies deduced from the tracks left in the Anderson cloud chamber range from 100 volts to 3 billion volts. The Lemaitre-Vallarts theory together with Dr Johnson’s asymmetry measurements, give definite values for the energy of half of the cosmic radiation, and shows it continuously distributed between 5 billion and 50 billion volts.

The figure of 100 billion volts is a result of Dr W. Kolhorster’s measurement of penetrating radiation in the depths of the Strassfurt salt mines. He found that the minimum energy of these rays had a penetration which was greater than ever before demonstrated. Dr Axel Corlin of Sweden’s Lund Observatory found radiation that still had energy after passing through somewhat greater depths and, therefore, the voltage figures can be made even higher. Energies of 100 billion volts or more are indicated by the great bursts set off by cosmic ray collisions, called the stosse, which have been observed particularly in Germany. The Moray RE devices have worked equally well in deep mines, under water or high in the mountains and in an airplane.

It is about 100 years since science began to consider light, heat, magnetism, galvanism, and electricity as natural forces. In the early part of the 19th century school books termed these things “imponderable substances”. The corpuscle theory of light was taught, the sun was supposed to provide an endless supply of those corpuscles. After the corpuscle theory faded, scientists turned to the wave theory, but even that was based on a crude concept of movement of the ultimate principles or atoms, of matter. The electron theory has superceded the earlier ones now, and while the electron theory explains the observed and theoretical “facts” better than the previous concepts did, could it be that, as the greater light of knowledge leads us on, the electron theory in turn will fall short of providing “absolute” knowledge? The Einstein Theory may stand in need of revision or amendment; or, in time, it may join the theories of corpuscles and waves on the back shelf.

[* Nature of World & of Man, Chicago Inst. of Technology]

Dr T. Henry Moray. S. Sc.

[This was the original Chapter 1 in a book called Beyond the Light Rays, which is out-of -print and no longer available. The last known copy was stolen from Dr moray’s laboratory…]

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