Extract energy from the Ether

In order to extract energy from the aether it is essential to understand what the aether is and how it contributes to the creation of ordinary matter. I’m a rank amateur, but I am familiar with the concept of aether physics via a book I bought over a year ago (Secrets of the Aether). I only know enough to know that the model presented in that book unveils geometric relationships that could be useful in realizing a concrete method of pressing the aether into service for over-unity devices.

On the other side of the aether, according to the book, is an enormous sea of energy (termed Gforce in the book). The author of the model describes the aether in terms of units of rotating magnetic fields (associated with each other like a super fluid) that confer spin onto the Gforce as it passes through it, effectively dividing the sea of energy into matter (termed onn in the book, as I understand it)./www.overunity.com

The book speaks of a concept that is ignored by all models I’ve examined to date, that being geometric aspect/importance of charge and matter. Dave Thomson talks about the Casimir effect in terms of the angular momentum (16pi2) of the aether. He also quotes Casimir on his discovery that curvature increased the strange “new energy” effect he discovered. Pulling new matter/energy into the universe from the aether is essential to the goals of this forum. Let’s explore what the aether is, what it does, and what that knowledge can do to rid us of dependence on fossil fuels.

I only know enough to know that the model presented in that book unveils geometric relationships that could be useful in realizing a concrete method of pressing the aether into service for over-unity devices.
Probably the best way to introduce people to the theory is to read our white paper, A New Foundation for Physicshttp://www.16pi2.com/files/NewFoundationPhysics.pdf.

The mechanics for tapping unlimited energy are simple.
Using the Casimir effect we cause dark matter to be converted to visible matter, and then put the newly created visible matter to work. From my reading of Nikola Tesla’s work, the rumored power supply for the Pierce Arrow automobile seems to have done just that. The car was fitted with two spheres on the back, which I believe were used for producing Zenneck waves, which created photons out of dark matter. The photons were then absorbed by the copper spheres via the photoelectric effect and converted to electrons. The electrons were then provided a path through the motor (load). Since the electrons cannot just pile up on the copper sphere, they sought a path to a lower potential, thus causing the electric current to drive the motor.

For those who are not familiar with the Tesla Car, here is an article of interest describing the event.
“The receiver, no larger than a short-wave radio of the day, used 12 special tubes which Dr. Tesla brought with him in a boxlike case.

The device had been prefitted into the dashboard, no larger than a short-wave receiver. Mr. Savo told Mr. Ahler that Dr. Tesla built the receiver in his hotel room, a device 2 feet in length, nearly 1 foot wide, a 1/2 foot high.

These curiously constructed tubes having been properly installed in their sockets, Dr. Tesla pushed in 2 contact rods and informed Peter that power was now available to drive.

Several additional meters read values which Dr. Tesla would not explain. Not sound was heard. Dr. Tesla handed Mr. Savo the ignition key and told him to start the engine, which he promptly did. Yet hearing nothing, the accelerator was applied, and the car instantly moved. Tesla’s nephew drove this vehicle without other fuel for an undetermined long interval.

Mr. Savo drove a distance of 50 miles through the city and out to the surrounding countryside. The car was tested to speeds of 90 mph, with the speedometer rated to 120. ”

According to the Aether Physics Model, this alignment replicates the conditions of the Casimir effect, causing dark matter to be pulled into the Aether in the form of photons.

It is my belief that the light seen emanating from plasmas and corona discharges are also Casimir generated. This means that plasma and corona light are examples of dark matter being converted into visible matter in the form of photons.

We’re presently in the process of having such a device built so we can experiment with it. My main focus is in proving concepts within the Aether Physics Model, but I will be looking for ways to replicate Tesla’s rumored Pierce Arrow power supply.

>>Interesting, thanks.
So you do want to have the light effect and ability to capture those materialized photons in some kind of Faraday cage? and convert them to usable electricity. Will the usable electricity out be enough to power the device and leave some extra fo other uses?

>>I was reading Tesla’s development of the magnifying transmitter, and he actually tried to minimize the “light” effect as he thought it was resulting in loss of transmitive energy. However in your system the more light the better.

Also regarding the Pierce Arrow power supply. According to all the account from back then, it appeared to be silent. Since the spark gap process does create a crackling / buzzing sound (frequency dependent?), is it fair to assume that his power supply in the car did not use a spark gap, and the 12 tubes were used mainly as collectors?

Maybe he had a magnifying transmitter (smaller version than the one destroyed) somewhere in the general geographical area and was taping into that?/www.overunity.com

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