Indiana Incentives/Policies for Renewables and Efficiency

Indianapolis Power & Light Co. – Rate REP Renewable Energy Production

Program Overview:
State: Indiana
Incentive Type: Production Incentive
Eligible Renewable/Other Technologies: Photovoltaics, Wind, Biomass
Applicable Sectors: Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Nonprofit, Schools, Local Government, State Government, Tribal Government, Agricultural, Institutional
Amount: Small solar facilities (20 kW to 100 kW): $0.24/kWh
Large solar facilities (greater than 100 kW to 10 MW): $0.20/kWh
Small wind facilities (50 kW to 100 kW): $0.14/kWh
Mid-size wind facilities (greater than 100 kW to 1 MW): $0.105/kWh
Large wind facilities (greater than 1 MW): $0.075/kWh
Biomass: Capacity $6.18/kW per month plus $0.085/kWh
Terms: 10 years
Eligible System Size: Wind and biomass: minimum 50 kW, maximum 10 MW
Solar: minimum 20 kW, maximum 10 MW
Ownership of Renewable Energy Credits: Indianapolis Power & Light Company
Program Administrator: Indianapolis Power & Light
Start Date: 03/20/2010
Web Site:
Date Effective:
Indianapolis Power & Light Co. (IPL) is offering a pilot Rate REP (Renewable Energy Production) as part of its demand-side management program. The REP rate, commonly called a “feed-in tariff,” is a payment for the production and renewable energy attributes associated with that production from renewable energy facilities. Renewable energy facilities eligible for IPL’s Rate REP include solar, wind, and biomass located in IPL’s territory. Biomass facilities include those that use crops grown specifically for energy production, organic waste biomass such as agricultural crops, wastes, wood and wood waste, animal waste, and aquatic plants.

The Rate REP is offered as a standard rate, although negotiated contract modifications are permitted as long as they follow Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission procedures. Facilities that take the Rate REP cannot net meter. IPL will offer this rate for three years and will limit participation to 1% of its retail electric sales (kWh) from the prior calendar year.

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