Wait…Batteries made of…Paper?

Did it ever cross in your mind that the ordinary white paper we use daily can be used to store electricity just like a battery?This is one of the findings of research conducted by scientists at Stanford.They use nano technology are combined in the sheet of papers with ink of carbon nanotubes and silver nanowires that are highly conductive storage device.

With the discovery of this technology will allow us to have the battery and super capacitors that is super lightweight and easy to carry because it can be folded, too.

The battery and capacitor have the same function is to store electric charge.But they have has advantages and disadvantages.The battery can store electricity but rather a long time in the charging process than the capacitors.But the capacitors can not store electricity for long time.If the advantages and disadvantages of both are combined it will generate super capacitor batteries.

Yi Cui,the assistant professor of materials science and engineering said ,“These nanomaterials are have one-dimensional structure with very small diameters that is quite crucial because it helps the nanomaterial ink to stick strongly to the fibrous paper. This makes the battery and supercapacitor very durable. The paper supercapacitor is better than lithium batteries as far as an order of magnitude is concerned.It’s can bear the 40,000 charge-discharge cycles.The nanomaterials also as ideal conductors because they move electricity along much more efficiently than ordinary conductors.

Cui had previously experimented with plastic batteries using nano material.Then he concluded that paper is better than plastic.The paper battery is more long-lasting and flexible than plastic as ink sticks to paper more strongly.He can test the durability of paper batter by crumpling it, folding it or soaking it in acid or base,and the performance will not deteriorate.The flexibility can allows us to manoeuvre the battery in many possible ways.

The paper supercapacitor have the distinction of high surface-to-volume ratio,so it can be applied to the hybrid car.The Hybrid cars require quick electricity transfers,so it perfect for battery systems in hybrid cars.

Cui also illustrates when the use of batteries of this paper can be extended to a larger scale as electrical energy storage for home or residential.We can combine the use of solar energy, wind energy and all energy alternatives to generate electricity and store it in a paper battery that is more efficient and cheaper.So we can use the electricity stored at night, when electrical energy is less.

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