Duke Energy: Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program


Rebates up to $300 for efficient air conditioners, geothermal pumps or air-source heat pumps.

Learn more about this energy rebate or let us connect you with a contractor who knows about this rebate and will help you get started.

The Smart $aver program offers rebates for qualifying heat pumps or air conditioners installed on or after June 1, 2009 for Duke Energy Carolinas electric residential retail customers residing in a single-family home, condominium, duplex or mobile home. A rebate of $200 is paid after the qualified system is installed by a licensed HVAC contractor. Heat pumps and air conditioning units must meet certain energy efficiency standards listed on the program website. Residential customers are also eligible for a free energy audit through the Home Energy House Call program. Interested customers should call 1-877-388-7676 to set up an appointment. In addition, builders who install qualifying heat pumps or air conditioners into new homes are eligible for a $300 per unit rebate. Builders must fill out the Smart $aver application located on the program website. Some Duke Energy customers in Greenwood County, South Carolina (and a very small number in surrounding counties), are still on the old Greenwood County electric rates. These rates are closed and the prices were frozen in 1966. Customers on these rates are not eligible for the Smart Saver incentives.


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