Mercury Vortex Technology..

The workings of the mercury vortex technology

David hatcher Childress has explained a bit further, the theory of the mercury vortex technology.

‘* The electromagnetic field coil, which consists of the closed circuit exchanger / condenser coil circuit containing the liquid metal mercury and / or its hot vapor, is placed with its core axis vertical to the craft.

* A ring conductor (directional gyro-armature) is placed around the field coil (heat exchanger) windings so that the core of the vertical heat exchanger coils protrudes through the center of the ring conductor.

* When the electromagnet (heat exchanger coils) is energized, the ring conductor is instantly shot into the air, taking the craft as a complete unit along with it.

* If the current is controlled by a computerized resistance, (rheostat), the ring conductor armature and craft can be made to hover or float in the Earth’s atmosphere.

* The electromagnet hums and the armature ring (or torus) becomes quite hot. In fact, if the electrical current is high enough, the ring will glow dull red or rust orange with heat.

* The phenomenon (outward sign of a working law of nature) is brought about by an induced current effect identical with an ordinary transformer.

* As the repulsion between the electromagnet and the ring conductor is mutual, one can imagine the craft being affected and responding to the repulsion phenomenon as a complete unit.

* Lift or repulsion is generated because of close proximity of the field magnet to the ring conductor. Clendenon says that lift would always be opposed to the gravitational pull of the planet Earth, but repulsion can also be employed to cause fore and aft propulsion.'(David hatcher Childress (2000), p.180)

The basic turbo-pump engine has four main sections: compressor, combustion, or heating chambers, turbo-pump and exhaust. Burning gases are exhausted through the turbo-pump wheel to generate power to turn the electric generator:

(1) Propellant tanks will be filled with liquid air (obtained directly from the atmosphere by on-board reduction equipment).

(2) Liquid air may be injected into expansion chambers and heated by the metal working-fluid mercury confined in a boiler coupled to a heat exchanger.

(3) The super heated M.H.D. plasma (or air) will expand through propellant cooled nozzles.

(4) The ship may recharge its propellant tanks with liquid air and condensate water collected directly from the upper atmosphere by the on-board reducing plant.

Important is that this mercury vortex propulsion model is intented for terrestrial flight only. The strange ball of light that is often seen by UFO like craft, is the ball of light that surrounds a craft is: the magneto-hydrodynamic plasma, a hot continuously recirculating air flow through the ship’s gas turbine which is ionized (electrically conducting). Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) is described by Childress as an ionized gas that is passed through a magnetic field to generate electricity. (Childress (2000), p.182)

Dangers of Mercury Vortex Propulsion
When the liquid metal mercury is heated, it gives forth a hot vapor. This hot vapor is deadly poisonous, becuase; …if the liquid metal mercury is made radioactive and heated sufficiently to emit radiation, any leaks in the mercury would, therefore, be a double danger to the crew and maintenance personnel of any vehicle powered by a mercury vapor turbine.

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