A Tidbit on Fusion

Abundant and affordable energy is essential to a healthy and vigorous industrial society and is a critical factor in improving the standard of living of developing countries. The rising cost of energy has already slowed the economies of all nations and competition for it threatens world peace. It is increasingly clear that human progress and the survival of future generations depends upon developing an energy source that is limitless and safe, as well as environmentally and economically attractive. Fusion can be that energy source. Fusion is the energy source of the Sun and other stars. Stars are huge fusion reactors, squeezing and heating light atoms like hydrogen, to produce heavier atoms like helium. Our earth-bound fusion plants will imitate the Sun, heating deuterium and tritium atoms to over 100 million degrees. The atomic nuclei, driven into each other, fuse and release energy that can be used for a variey of applications, including the generation of electricity. Since the fuel source for fusion is water, there is enough fusion fuel, available to all nations, to provide the world with a primary energy source for billions of years. Scientific progress in fusion research indicates that this new and abundant energy source can become practical in the 21st Century.


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