Easy Energy-saving strategies ( Even You Can do THIS!)

If you want to save money on your utilities each month, and work your way up to eliminating your utilities completely, it’s very wise to approach this from a strategic angle. Here’s how much various strategies can save you.

Up front cost Savings per year

(1) Use space heaters to heat only the rooms you’re in, (rather than a central system that heats the whole house), and turning off the heat when you’re not home.
$80 $1023
(2) Use ceiling fans instead of the air conditioner $100
if you don’t already have ceiling fans $438
(3) Turn off lights you’re not using $0 $274
(4) Use a clothesline or a laundry rack instead of a dryer $20 $196
(5) Sleep your computer when you’re not using it $0 $178
(6) Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot or warm none $152
(7) Turn off a single 100-watt light bulb, from running constantly $0 $131
(8) Replace ten 60-watt light bulbs with compact fluorescents $32 $123
Total $232 once

$2515 in Energy savings every year

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