20 tips to save energy NOW !

Here we have tips to save ENERGY,MONEY, AND OUR PLANET
1. Setting Your Thermostat
Install a programmable thermostat compatible with your heating and cooling system.
2. Lower Your Water Heater Temperature
Lower the thermostat on your hot water heater to 120 degrees farenheit.
3. Washing Clothes or Dishes
Follow the full load guideline. Never use the dishwasher or washing machine unless it houses a full load.
4. Using Power Strips
Plug your electronics into power strips. When turning off these electronics, power down using the power strip to prevent stand-by mode from drawing electricity unnecessarily.
5. Power Down Computers and Monitors
Turn off your computer and monitor when they are not being used. Contrary to popular beliefs, turning them on and off will not cause damage. If you are away from your computer at different intervals, make sure you have set the power save options.
6. Drying Dishes
Air dry dishes rather than using the heated drying cycle.
7. Washing in Cold Water
Wash clothes in cold water. This not only reduces hot water usage, but it is better for your clothing as well.
8. Use Compact Fluorescent Lighting
Use compact fluorescent bulbs to light your home. Not only do these bulbs use less energy, but they last longer than traditional bulbs.
9. Take Showers
Take short showers instead of baths. The amount of water used, and heated is significantly less for a shower.
10. Look for the Energy Star Label
Buy products that have the Energy Star label on them. All Energy Star products meet strict guidelines set by the US Department of Energy.
11.Place a timer on your water heater.
12.Place outlet and switch plate sealers behind the covers.
13.Install motion sensors on interior and exterior lighting
14.Dry clothes on a exterior line,or on a inside folding drying rack
15.Unplug cordless Phones,and other energy vampires
16.Walk or bike to do 1 errand a week,in a year you will save 150 gallons or more of gas X your local price
17.Pay bills on line ave the postage!
18.Place Window coverings to stop heat and cold
19.Car pool once a week !
20.Share your success with others!Spread the WORD!

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