We can all do Something for the Earth "Celebrate" by doing!

All around the workplace, acts of green can contribute to your work environment as well as to the global environment. Make it a point to go green at work! Create a team approach!

Organize a “Green Team” at work to motivate colleagues to reduce, reuse and recycle. (Be sure to get someone in management to support your efforts.)
Create a list for people, to commit to a 52 week plan till earth Day 2011. Track your results, and post them to motivate you team!

Convince your office building to choose reusable utensils, trays and dishes in the cafeteria. Keep a coffee mug, water glass and utensils at work to reduce your use of disposable dish-ware. The Energy necessary to obtain these throw away articles, puts billions of tons of carbon into the air we breath, THINK! ALWAYS! Combine your trips, for your to do list errands! Be aware that energy is also expensive, saving energy is saving money!

Get together with your co-workers and plant a tree. Start a pool or fund, and be sure to have a weekly running total to keep it in everyone’s mind every week! See how many trees you can buy, in a week!

Collect used printer, fax and copier cartridges to recycle. Work with your IT department to make sure outdated computers and other electronics are being recycled responsibly. Find recycling centers via http://www.electronicsrecycling.net

Car pool, bike, walk, or use public transportation to and from work. Have a contest with friends,neighbors,co workers to see who can achieve the most energy saving results.

Set your office copy machines to automatically copy front to back. If you have a personal printer, re-use scrap paper.

Please send us your feed back and your success stories, REMEMBER Its all up to us to make a difference !

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