The Story of Stuff: Where All of our Things Come From and Where They Go.

Do you ever wonder where the things you buy “really” come from? Think about your cell phone, your computer, your clothing, your furniture, that nice car you passed yesterday, or your dishes. Where do these things come from? This is a video you MUST watch, it’s fascinating! And when we are finished with them, where do they go? What happens to them? Well if you’ve got 20 minutes on your hands (and if you don’t, make the time!), check out this great webumentary called The Story of Stuff, that addresses the life cycle of goods and services as well as how this impacts the environment, and humanity.

Presented by the slightly annoying but greatly informative and pioneering Annie Leonard, a scholar on everything from international trade, development, and sustainability, the video covers the extraction, production, distribution, consumption and disposal of all the stuff we buy, how we get it, where it comes from, where it goes, and all the lesser-known effects these things have that we generally aren’t aware of.

Ralph Nader called the film “a model of clarity and motivation”, and we would agree. Anything that helps create more awareness and pushes to reduce consumption, especially of “false needs” is great, and we look forward to more from Annie in the future.

jozef winter

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