Non-Renewable versus Renewable Energy

Non-Renewable Energy

Once gas or oil is taken from the earth and used, it cannot be replaced.

Much of our energy supply comes from coal, oil, natural gas, or radioactive elements. They are considered non-renewable because.. once they are removed from the ground and used, they are not immediately replaced. In fact, the world’s natural gas, crude oil and coal deposits took millions of years to form. Uranium, which is used for nuclear energy, has limited supply as well. Humans will have used up most of these deposits in less than 200 years. Once they are gone, non-renewable energy supplies cannot be replaced within human time scales.

The Sun is a perfect example of a never-ending supply of -FREE- energy.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy on the other hand quickly replaces itself and is usually available in a never-ending supply. Renewable energy comes from the natural flow of sunlight, wind, or water around the Earth. With the help of special collectors, we can capture some of this energy and put it to use in our homes and businesses. As long as sunlight, water and wind continue to flow and trees and other plants continue to grow, we have access to a ready of supply of energy.

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