Self Cleaning Ovens and their REAL Cost!

When considering the self clean feature on your oven always factor the 2500-5000 watts of energy used to do the job! Cleaning your oven once a month the average use will increase your electric bill :remember its always X 12.For the yearly total.

Here is a way to look at this. If the feature cost you $800 more in energy use than non self-cleaning oven and the stove lasted for 16 years, it would cost you $50 bucks every year. That bottle of Easy-OffTM doesn’t sound so bad now,at 5 dollars, now does it? The other part of the survey showed that among those with a self-cleaning oven, most would not buy another oven without it.

Personally, I think it is a feature that harkens back to the 50’s, when they promoted the “kitchen of the future” as a fully automatic, pushbutton and sterile environment. I am as lazy as the next person is, but I would never ever let a feature that has nothing to do with cooking, compromise my cooking capability in any way. Make it a low priority and remember on gas ovens what a strain it is to get a gas system up to 900° F.

If you get an electric convection oven with a gas infrared broiler built-in and with self-cleaning, you’re a winner. The only thing better is steam injection. Just keep cooking capability your first priority, then look at the hidden cost of using and owning you oven

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