Nuclear Reactor Power Plants Undergoing Decommissioning in the US !

Power Reactor Sites Undergoing Decommissioning
Name Location
1 Dresden – Unit 1 Dresden, IL
2 Fermi – Unit 1 Newport, MI
3 Humboldt Bay Eureka, CA
4 Indian Point – Unit 1 Buchanan, NY
5 LaCrosse Boiling Water Reactor Genoa, WI
6 Millstone – Unit 1 Waterford, CT
7 Nuclear Ship Savannah Baltimore, MD
8 Peach Bottom – Unit 1 Delta, PA
9 San Onofre – Unit 1 San Clemente, CA
10 Three Mile Island – Unit 2 Middletown, PA
11 Vallecitos Boiling Water Reactor (VBWR) Sunol, CA
12 & 13 Zion – Units 1 & 2 Warrenville, IL

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