The world’s first all foam, NO-Metal spacer system

Glass Spacer is the best in the world!

All American Dream Window and Door spacer products are manufactured with specially engineered, all foam, NO-Metal technologySuper Spacer is a true dual seal warm edge spacer system that uses a high-performance acrylic adhesive for its structural seal, backed by a moisture vapor seal. Two seals are better than one – proven by the fact the windows made with Super Spacer last five times longer in durability tests than single-seal units.

Thermal Performance
Windows lose and gain heat by conduction, convention, radiation and air leakage. Conduction is the movement of heat through a solid material – touch a hot skillet and you feel heat conducted from the stove through the pan. Heat flows through a window in much the same way.

Unlike metal-based spacers, the all foam construction of the Spacer is non-conductive, blocking heat flow through the window. By blocking the heat escape path, providing one of the best thermal performances in the industry.

Unlike metal spacers, the companies Foam Spacer can bounce back when put to the test against winds, temperature fluctuation, rain, snow and UV light. The foam construction of the Spacer allows it to expand and contract as need, but always return to its original shape. Without the Spacer’s 100 percent memory formula, windows can eventually crack and lead to seal failure.

American Dream Window And Door Spacer’s Durability is proven by its outstanding performance in the industry’s toughest durability test – the P1 Chamber. Ther Spacer units withstand 140-degree Fahrenheit temperatures, 95-100-percent humidity and constant UV bombardment. Also see Durability for more information.

Mold Prevention
The fact that the Spacer is non-conductive means that it also protects a major household threat: mold. Window condensation can lead to molds that increase the likelihood of allergens, including fungi, viruses and mites that might cause respiratory infections, allergies and asthma.

Mold needs moisture to grow. To keep condensation off of glass, windows need to have the warmest inside surface temperature as possible – and the world’s warmest edge occurs with the spacing system used in the Window and door glass.

Sound Absorption
The closed-cell polymer foam in the Spacer transmits very little sound compared to conventional metal spacers. Another reason you’re more comfortable at home with the American Dream Window.

It’s no wonder that with more than 20 years of experience, the company has set the standard globally for warm edge spacer systems in the industry. From American Dream Window and Door , you can also get a variety of high-performance fenestration products designed to help you run more smoothly and improve your overall efficiencies and product quality.

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