What is your energy consumption?

Do you ever wonder how much electricity you use each month or year? You’d be surprised to learn how much your everyday activities impact the environment. Are you constantly working to reduce our environmental impact and to help others to reduce theirs as well, don’t you think you should!

The table below highlights estimates of the amount of energy that is consumed on a monthly and yearly basis by typical appliances.

Typical wattage

in kilowatt hours (KWH)
Air conditioner 3,600
Washing machine 500
Clothes dryer 5,000
Dishwasher 1,200
Iron 1,100
Microwave oven 1,500
Oven (self-cleaning) 3,000
Range (electric) 2,100
Frost-free refrigerator 125
Personal computer 250
Radio 225
Color television 240
Yard light 100
Bulb lights 25
Vacuum cleaner 650
Garage door opener 350
Total estimated monthly energy consumption (KWH/month)

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