Natural Gas – From Wellhead to Burner Tip

The process of getting natural gas out of the ground, and to its final destination to be used, is a complicated one. There is a great deal of behind-the-scenes activity that goes into delivering natural gas to your home, even though it takes only the flick of a switch to turn it on. This section provides an overview of the processes that allow the natural gas industry to get their product out of the ground, and transform it into the natural gas that is used in your homes and in industry.

* The Exploration section outlines how natural gas is found, and how companies decide where to drill wells for it.
* The Extraction section focuses on the drilling process, and how natural gas is brought from its underground reservoirs to the surface.
* The Production section discusses what happens once the well is drilled, including the processing of natural gas once it is brought out from underground.
* The Transport section outlines how the natural gas is transported from the wellhead and processing plant, using the extensive network of pipelines throughout North America.
* The Storage section describes the storage of natural gas, how it is accomplished, and why it is necessary.
* The Distribution section focuses on the delivery of natural gas from the major pipelines to the end users, whoever they may be.
* The Marketing section discusses the role that natural gas marketers play in getting the gas from the wellhead to the end user.

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