Attic Guard

So what is a Attic Guard anyway? First of all lets look at the three different types of heat transfer. They are 1) Radiation 2) Convection 3) Conduction. Radiant heat travels in a straight line away from the hot surface and heats anything solid as the wave of energy hits it. In the case of your home, the sun is the source of radiant heat.

When the sun’s energy reaches your roof, some of the heat is absorbed by the shingles and roof decking but most of the energy is radiant heat that is transferred into your attic. The American Dream Attic Guard stops 97% of all radiant heat transfer into the attic.

Unlike conventional insulation, Attic Guard reflects heat instead of absorb it. If you are depending on conventional insulation such as fiberglass to insulate your home, you cannot overlook the effects of radiant heat on your home. Usually when we think of insulating our homes we think of keeping hot or cold in the home. The summer applications of a radiant barrier keep heat out of our homes.

Did you know that up to 95% of summer heat gain is from radiant heat?

Here are some typical applications of radiant barrier:


Thin, light-weight aluminum radiant barriers were invented by NASA for use in the space program. The same radiant barrier that can be used to protect your home is used to protect astronauts from the deadly temperatures of space and re-entry into the atmosphere.

Have you every wondered how a thermos bottle can keep coffee hot for hours with little or no insulation? The answer is a radiant barrier.

Did you know that many firefighters can use a radiant barrier to save themselves when fighting deadly wildfires? A crucial part of their survival kit is a thin, light-weight radiant barrier. When surrounded by fire, they can simply crawl into this tent-like radiant barrier and often times survive the intense heat.

Have you ever baked a potato wrapped in aluminum foil? Have you every covered a casserole with aluminum foil to keep it warm until everything is ready? Often times when you buy a hot dog at your local ballpark is comes wrapped in aluminum foil. All these uses of aluminum foil are as a radiant barrier to keep the food warm.

10 Key Benefits Of American Dream Attic Guard
Radiant Barrier
Increase the comfort of your home for you and your family.
Easy residential retrofit. Looking for a great way to reduce energy costs on your existing home?
Lower your attic temperature by as much as 30 degrees in the summer. Reduces heating and cooling costs.
Save as much as an average of $25 per month on your utility bill.
Protect keepsakes and other belongings that you store in the attic from damaging high temperatures. Some of you reading this have stored candles in the attic only to have them melt. You may have had family photographs or artwork from your children turn brown and brittle. Lower your attic temperature by 30 degrees and protect these belongings.
Can pay for itself in less than 5 summers.
Expand the use and space of your home. You can now use that unconditioned space, uncomfortable garage or workspace.
Light-weight, durable, permanent, and easy to install.
Keep heat out during the summer.
Keep heat in during the winter. During the winter months, radiant heat escapes your home through the ceiling into the attic. The American Dream Attic Guard radiant barrier will help keep this heat inside your home.

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