Wind Turbines For The Home

In today’s market you can get information including plans and videos on how to build wind turbines and generators from parts in your garage, the hardware and junk yard. There is also a number of companies that sell complete packages ready to install.

Wind turbines for the home are being used more often today than ever before because of the high cost of electricity. Wind has been used for thousands of years to grind grains and to propel ships. Wind generators for the home are today’s way of producing renewable clean energy for the home with out polluting the atmosphere.

Wind turbines are growing ever bigger and more powerful, too, with some as large as 6 megawatts on the way. Wind turbines are remarkably quiet. Today’s high-tech machines create a gentle whirring sound which is usually difficult to discern from the noise of wind in your ears or general background noise.

Wind turbines can work in conjunction with solar panel energy. Either one or both can lower your electricity cost a lot. Wind turbines are very useful in almost any marine or household electrical system. In marine use, the movement of the boat will raise enough breeze to get the generator turning even when actual winds are fairly low, making them an extremely reliable source of on-board power. Wind turbines are growing ever bigger and more powerful, too, with some as large as 6 megawatts on the way.

The wind turbines for the home use the wind and the solar panels use the sun that are both renewable sources of power and will not generate any greenhouse gases. This might help in the effects of global warming. The wind turbine industry has grown very fast since the 1990s. They are reasonably priced today and can save up to 80 % of electric costs.

The residential turbines of today are not as large as the commercial counterparts. There are also roof top models and there are different wattage out puts for different applications. There are wind turbines for the home that can be installed by a do it your self person and there is also information on how a do it your self person can build a residential wind turbine.

The key criteria of a do it your self person is to make sure you have a wind speed of at least 9 or 10 miles per hour. Have it located in an area that is not blocked by big buildings or large trees.

Most material can be bought at a local hardware store for around 100 to 200 dollars. You will need a motor ,blades wiring,battery and other things. It would be best to have information with a good video and a good instruction manual for all the know how and explain how to build a wind turbine. With a little expertise a person can build one in less than a day.

There are a good amount wind turbines for the home on the market today that a person can buy instead of building one him self. In certain areas where there is a lot of sun for solar panels or a good amount of wind, a person can save a substantial amount of money with wind turbines for the home.

Eugene Killian

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