Energy Hog, for Classroom Instruction.


The Energy Hog program makes it easy (and fun!) to bring energy education into the classroom. The Energy Hog is a dastardly character that makes learning about energy efficiency and conservation memorable.
Classroom materials are provided to participating educators. In addition, for teachers seeking an unforgettably exciting experience for their students, educators may borrow the Energy Hog mascot costume. Signed legal waiver are required prior to use of the mascot costume.

Program options include:
1. Energy Hog Classroom Materials – include:

The Energy Hog Challenge: Designed for grades 1-6, students learn about energy history, where energy comes from, how we use energy, and why it’s important to conserve. Included are student workbooks and a teacher’s guide with classroom lessons and activities and free Energy Hog bookmarks for participants. Take-home assignments include an age-appropriate home energy audit called the Energy Hog Scavenger Hunt, where students apply what they learned in the classroom to their own homes.
Cost: Free when downloaded from “   / “” target=
FREE printed workbooks are available to elementary educators in Wyoming, Ohio, North Dakota, and Dallas, Texas. Call Jessica Lin at (202) 530-4346 to request materials.

2. The “Real, Live” Energy Hog School Assembly – include:
The Energy Hog costume, a Hog Buster’s lab coat and a ready-made skit: Teachers wear the Energy Hog and Hog Buster costumes; students participate by answering questions. The skit reinforces the classroom lessons, makes them memorable, and is an unforgettably exciting experience for the students! Cost: $500 plus the actual cost of shipping (estimated at $150 each way). FREE to elementary educators in Wyoming, Ohio, North Dakota, and Dallas Texas. Call Jessica Lin at (202) 530-4346 to schedule a time on the traveling costume calendar. * NOTE: The “Real, Live” Energy Hog School Assembly program is great fun for students and educators. However, the Energy Hog Challenge is the true educational component of the program and should be completed prior to the assembly program.
For questions or to schedule a program, call the Alliance to Save Energy; Jessica Lin at (202) 530-4346

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