TVA, Local Power Companies To Market Test New Energy Efficiency Programs

TVA, in partnership with local power companies from throughout the Tennessee Valley, will begin this month kicking off market tests of new programs designed to promote energy efficiency to residential and commercial customers.

TVA and local distributors will test the new programs for residential consumers in 22 markets across Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee. Called the In-Home Energy Evaluation Program, it will offer a comprehensive in-home energy assessment as well as financing options and incentives to help homeowners who choose to make investments in significant energy efficiency improvements.

A new commercial initiative called the Efficiency Advice and Incentives

Program also will begin this month with Nashville Electric Service and power distributors in TVA’s service territory in Mississippi. This program will offer businesses an opportunity to receive an energy assessment of their facilities to help them identify energy-saving opportunities. Financial incentives also are available for qualifying projects that help reduce power consumption during TVA’s peak period of power demand.

The programs are part of a year-long effort that involves input from power distributors, customers and the public regarding the best options for encouraging electricity users in the Valley to save energy.

“We have been working closely with local power companies for months to develop new energy efficiency programs designed to lead to greater energy efficiency throughout the Valley,” said TVA Customer Resources Executive Vice President Ken Breeden. “A targeted implementation allows us to test the new programs in specific markets and learn from that experience. We plan to make them available to more consumers and offer additional programs during the next year.”

Future plans include the addition of an energy efficiency program aimed at helping TVA’s industrial customers save energy.

In addition, TVA will continue working to further develop expanded program implementation schedules for the residential and commercial energy efficiency initiatives.

“By including the people of the Valley and distributors in the planning process for the programs, we feel confident that participation will be high once the programs are rolled out across the Valley,” Breeden said. “Our combined efforts will benefit the environment and will help keep power costs lower for all ratepayers in the Valley.”

The new program market tests will begin this month in selected areas. Additional local power companies will begin offering the programs in the fall, and TVA anticipates a Valley-wide expansion by spring 2010.

TVA’s existing energy efficiency programs, including the free do-it-yourself home energy evaluation and heat pump financing, surpassed a goal of reducing energy by 64 megawatts during fiscal year 2008. More than 65,000 evaluations have been completed since January 2008 with an estimated demand reduction of 19 megawatts.

TVA is the nation’s largest public power provider and is completely self-financing. TVA provides power to large industries and 158 power distributors that serve approximately 9 million consumers in seven southeastern states. TVA also manages the Tennessee River and its tributaries to provide multiple benefits, including flood damage reduction, navigation, water quality and recreation.
May 27, 2009


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