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American Dream Toilet

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Ultra high-efficiency toilet 0.8 Gallons per Flush: saves up to 40,000 gallons of water and savings on utility bills by up to $400 per year!


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Ultra high-efficiency toilet

  • Lowest gallon per flush on the market. (0.8 Gallons/Flush vs the typical 4.0 Gallon/Flush)
  • saves thousands of gallons per year

With its low-profile body, breakthrough patented hydraulic technology, and the quietest flush on the planet, the American Dream ultra efficient unique design has revolutionized the toilet market.

With its groundbreaking technology, the Am. Dream toilet delivers a powerful, effective, one-time flush. By harnessing the energy created by water filling the tank, this toilet uses a patented air transfer system to pressurize the bowl’s trapway. Once activated by simply pressing the flush button, the swift, powerful and quiet flush evacuates all waste in the bowl. Offered in both round front and elongated models and adaptable to fit a standard 12″ roughing installation, the StealthTM easily replaces your existing toilet, lowering water usage and utility bills.

The system is not only capable of functioning efficiently at varying water pressure levels, but it has no expensive parts to replace, further saving the customer money and reducing materials use. Completing its superior engineering, the modern, compact design make it ideal for both new construction and retrofitting projects. The toilet’s water and utility bill savings translate to impressive, real numbers. At a flush rate that saves 37% more water than a standard HET, this toilet saves up to 20,000 gallons and $101 per year* with regular use and up to 200,000 gallons and $1,013 in its lifetime*!