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Toilet Tank Bag

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The toilet tank bag is a must have for anyone with multiple bathrooms.
Why let money go down the drain with every flush?

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Save Money on Your Water Bill – Use the Toilet Tank bag
The toilet tank bag is a great way to use less water and reduce your water bill. Just fill it, put it in the toilet tank and leave it. It’s a one time deal, and you’re not going to have to think about it again (except when you notice your water bill is lower).

If you have an older, conventional toilet you are probably using more water than you need to clear to the bowl. You ought to consider installing a new, low flush toilet, but until you do this displacement bag will reduce the amount of water in your existing tank by about 0.8 gallons, saving that amount of water with each flush. Over time this can add up. Fill the displacement bag with water, close the valve to prevent eventual evaporation,and hang the bag inside the tank of the toilet with the bag’s hook. Saving water has never been easier.