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10 Pack-American Dream outlet switch plate draft sealer

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Pack of 10. Eliminates drafts near around outlet plates. This insulation piece reduces the work load of your heating/cooling system. Thus, reducing your electric bill. This is a quick and easy fix for a very affordable price.

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  • Save Energy and Money
  • Improves Comfort, Stops Drafts
  • Reduces Drafts
  • Outlet Foam Gasket Sheets

Homeowners can save on their energy consumption year round by doing one very simple task. Simply install our insulated switch and outlet covers to seal every socket and switch in your home. Why? Because of direct exposure to hot and cold winds, the outside walls of your home are exposed to drafts. The drafts flow through the inside walls via plumbing and electrical chases and leak through the interior outlets and switches. Even internal walls allow energy loss. All of your home's outlets and switches allow drafts!!! We highly recommend replacing all of your socket and switch plates with our insulated wall plate systems for Maximum Savings. Not only is installation fast and easy, but it is also inexpensive. They are a great way to minimize your heating and cooling consumption. . Simply count up the number of and type / size of switch and outlet covers needed. Each cover is made of high strength plastic, and provided with an oversize insulated seal to stop air leaks and drafts. The reduction in your heating and cooling consumption will pay for these insulated covers in a short time! What are you waiting for? Order yours now!